Thor Speaks! My Fun Interview with Chris Hemsworth for "Thor!"

Uploaded on Monday 9 May 2011


I was very happy to finally meet Chris Hemsworth. I first took notice of the actor as Captain Kirk's daddy in 2009's "Star Trek," and I was very glad that he's finally starring in his own big movie as the god of thunder, "Thor!" In this interview, we talked about:

Why he's perfect to play the part
What went through his head when he heard that he got the part?
What attracted him to the film?
The great scene between he and Anthony Hopkins, who plays his father Odin, when he is banished to Midgard. It's a heartbreaking scene with a great anecdote
How he prepared for the role both physically and emotionally
Was he a fan of Thor growing up?
Working on "Thor" as a blank canvass
I predict he'll be a major star by the end of the summer -- is he prepared?


Language: English

Length: 5:00

Country: United States