trailer Cinedans 2011

Uploaded on Tuesday 22 November 2011


Cinedans presents international the best of short dance films, documentaries about dance and dance related topics. This trailer envisions the dramatic character of film and connects it to movement and dance in a Romantic way. Cinedans takes place this year from 1 - 4 December 2011.

In the ever-changing media landscape, creators are increasingly seeking different ways to tell their stories. New media and modern technology have entered the scene bringing new possibilities and insights. Dance film is no longer ‘movement on the black screen’, with new forms being developed such as installations, video clips, interactive projects and more. Contemporary dance films are often autonomous art works with a language of their own and an expressiveness that cannot be pigeonholed. Cinedans closely follows these movements. In addition to the film programme, the festival focuses on various forms of crossover projects and media installations that involve movement.


Language: Silent

Length: 49 seconds

Country: Netherlands