Trapcode Mir Compilation

Uploaded on Saturday 27 July 2013


Shortly after producing Left of the Border Films Collaboration One I realised that, as an experimental film maker, motion graphics could be a powerful and creative way of producing the visuals for my films. I had produced Collaboration One using After Effects and during this process became aware of companies that specialized in producing motion graphics generating plug ins. After a little research I discovered Trapcode Mir. What this plug-in is capable of was to me very mesmerizing. The colours, textures and shapes it was possible to create and manipulate with this plug-in captivated me. What was so exciting to me was that here was motion graphics production suite that seemed geared completely toward experimental visual production. So I dived in and began to explore the possibilities. From this experimentation came an idea about moving forward. This seemed to be a concept that was particularly relevant to where I currently seemed to be as an artist and experimental film maker. I was literally moving forward into a new stage of experimental production that allowed me to reference themes I have previously explored and also, further develop them in a new visual format. Trapcode Mir Compilation is a series of sketches that reference themes I explored in Tunnel 8. I think the main difference between these two very visually different films is that Trapcode Mir Compilation has a far less oppressive, more hopeful feel to it. This film also continued my passion for collaboration. Trapcode Mir Compilation features a soundtrack produced by Christopher Gladwin. Chris is undoubtedly a truly exceptional sound designer and musician, producing music and experimental sound works under a range of guises, most notably as one half of the influential and truly excellent Team Doyobi and also as The Wyrding Module. You can find out more about Christopher Gladwin and Team Doyobi at


Language: English

Length: 3:08

Country: United Kingdom