Virginia D. Allhusen, Ph.D. in Psychology, on Afghanistan's Education and Economy

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Dr. Allhusen is a senior researcher at the University of California, Irvine, where she has worked since 1992. She was a co-Investigator in the multi-site, longitudinal NICHD Study of Early Child Care and Youth Development where she followed the social, cognitive and physical development of a cohort of over 1000 children in ten locations across the U.S. from birth to adolescence. Most recently, she has served as the study center coordinator for the Southern and Central California center of the National Children's Study, which will examine environmental effects on the growth, development, and health of children across the United States from before birth until age 21 years.

Dr. Allhusen's research interests include parenting quality, parent-child interaction, children's attachment relationships with parents and other care providers, childcare quality and its short- and long-term effects on social development, social networks of children and their families, and cultural influences impacting Latino research participant populations.

Ginny earned her Ph.D. in developmental psychology from Cornell University. She is the mother of three children in a bi-lingual family in Orange County, California. In this interview, she shares her views of how the Film Annex work in Afghanistan could support women and children in Southeast Asia.

Visit the Afghan Development Initiative and the Afghan Development Web TV for more information.


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