Visualtising at ad:tech 2012

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Altitude Digital's video platform is Altitude works with premium publishers to maximize the revenues of their display, mobile and now video advertising. Visualtising is a one stop shop video platform for premium publishers. They offer publishers a custom player that is formatted to their site, syndicated brand safe-content and quality advertisements.

The Visualtising video library includes thousands of videos that span across 10 categories and 100 subcategories, all of which are professionally produced and high quality. Visualtising has three major video formats including pre, mid and post-roll, allowing publishers to wrap their content with advertising.

“Video is exciting because the rates are much higher than traditional display ads and our system allows publishers to reach close to a 100% fill rate,” boasts Joe Salvador a video technology veteran and V.P. of Video Operations at Altitude. “Best of all setup for the publishers takes five minutes.”

For publishers that want to enter video advertising marketplace, there are many upfront costs, difficult integration and system set-ups, as well as countless hours of legwork aligning video advertising partnerships. Publishers must buy a custom player, pay for ad serving costs, acquire expensive syndicated content, hire an ad operations expert and integrate internal systems with video ad networks, RTB and DSP platforms. It is also well known that the video advertising networks do not efficiently work together, which can lead to low fill rates, below average CPMs and difficulties filling international traffic.

The Visualtising system is unique and an all-in-one operation offering publishers the player, content and advertising. There are no upfront fees to the publisher and Visualting works off of a revenue share. Visualtising has created strategic partnerships with the major players within the video advertising ecosystem creating the opportunity for higher CPM rates and overall fill rate., and are just a few of the clients that are already using the platform. For more information or to get your site set up for video visit
Jeremy Ostermiller, Founder and CEO, Altitude Digital Partners is featured in the film.

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