Watch Me Create a Mandala on a Black Blank Slate

Uploaded on Friday 16 March 2018


Last week, without even planning, I was able to join a workshop hosted by National Bookstore at Ayala Centre Cebu and I was not expecting to join two workshops, the Brush Calligraphy and the Floral Illustration.

With the latter activity, we were given the freedom to take two or more pages of black blank slate from iFex Philippines which was one of the sponsors for that specific event.

I brought home the piece which I drew a flower using a gold marker from Winsor and Newton which was my first ever brush from that brand. I ended up using the other side of the paper afterwards. Let me share to you the details below.

This video was taken as a time lapse video while creating the piece. I used a compass, a pencil, the black blank slate and a white uni-ball Signo broad pen. With those, I was able to create the beautiful Mandala piece.

I started by using the compass, created several circles starting from the smallest to the biggest outer circle. With the use of the pencil from Faber Castell, I made certain draft designs, draft as they are, there were still a lot of chances of me changing my idea of design.

Lastly, I traced the draft pencil marks using the Uni-Ball Signo Broad pen in white. You'll see in the video that I had started filming the piece when I was already filling up the page.

It took me around two days to finish this because there were times when I have to wait for the ink to dry before I continue to fill up the page. I also have to rest my hand and keep up with my other daily activities such as work and other online side lines.

But if I could add and accumulate the total time that I had intended for this would be around two hours only. It may look a bit complicated after all the tracing but this was not really that hard to do. Just add circles, ovals and triangles and Mandala's done!

I also encourage everyone to do such activity as it provides relaxation, improves focus and creativity plus it will help you become connected again to your inner circle while appreciating art at the same time.

Mandala literally means circle or earth.

I hope you enjoyed this time-lapse video! Make your own Mandala today!

Best regards,
Jean Beltran-Figues


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Country: Philippines

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