Watch Me Crochet: Penguin Doll

Uploaded on Thursday 22 March 2018


Hello, bit buddies! I still got no time to submit another Watch Me WIP video but no worries because I’m going to show you another hobby of mine for this video.

Are you familiar with crocheting? It’s a craft activity that mainly uses yarn and crochet hook.

On this video, I made a penguin doll which I will be giving to mhaiiiself. I’ve made several penguin dolls for myself last year and even gave one to our other friend. And last December, mhaiiiself wants me to make one for her because the penguin represents her celebrity crush Do Kyungsoo of the KPop group EXO.

The free pattern for this doll is not mine. I knew about this doll through Stephanie’s blog:

The colors of yarns I used are black, white, yellow, and red. Black for its head, wings and tail, white for its face and body, yellow for the beak and feet, and red for the scarf. Scarf is optional though, I made it because I find it cute. Haha!

Yarn used are Red Heart (Handknitting and Crochet Yarn) and Love Knots (Handknitting and Crochet Yarn). Crochet hook size I used is 5.

Materials needed are: Yarns, crochet hook, felt cloth, stuffing, tapestry needle, scissors, glue, marker.

I can’t share the pattern itself here since it’s not mine. So I’ll just share some tips, okay?

It’s better to use the excess white yarn from the body when attaching the head and body together. The eyes depends on what materials you want to use. You can use a button, safety eyes, felt cloth, or even crochet small circles. I find it difficult to crochet small circles so I used a felt cloth instead.

The scarf is my own pattern, by the way. (40 chains and 40 double crochet) As simple as that. The scarf’s length is 4 inches.

I had already given this to mhaiiiself when we met last week. It’s a cute tiny doll (just about 4 inches tall) you can give as a gift or just for yourself.

Thanks for watching!


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