Watch Me WIP: EXO D.O. [Drawing #26]

Uploaded on Monday 30 April 2018


Hello everyone! Welcome to my 26th Watch Me WIP series! It’s been a long time! The last one was still November last year. Oh boy, I am so happy to be back!

This is my first male semi-realistic drawing for Watch Me WIP. Actually, the members of ONE OK ROCK were my first male semi-realistic drawing but I haven’t recorded the drawing process so this entry will be considered as the first.

If you are a fan of K-Pop (Korean Pop) music, this guy in my drawing is probably familiar to you. He is a member of the popular K-POP group EXO. His name is Do Kyungsoo, and is mhaiiiself’s bias member. The group also had their show here in the Philippines the other day. So making him the subject for this entry is just timely.

I decided to draw this guy because I’ve got nothing to do when the internet connection went very slow the entire day yesterday. (I even have to use my phone’s data to do the daily quests here on bitLanders.)

Drawing this look of D.O. was quite easy. I only used three colors for the hair, and he is in a side view position too which makes it faster to draw.

I also used a new brush I got from the Clip Studio Assets. The brush is called Pure Paint.

I hope you like it! Do you like K-Pop music?

Thanks for watching!


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