Watch Me WIP: LiTTLE DEViL PARADE [Drawing #10]

Uploaded on Sunday 4 June 2017


Hello! I can't believe it but welcome to my tenth Watch Me WIP series! I am so happy of making these videos because it really helps me improve my drawing skills and seeing how I created the illustration is a great thing for me.

For this video, I tried to make a much more realistic illustration featuring my favorite JPop/Jrock/Anisong singer, LiSA! She just released her 4th album last May 24 entitled, "LiTTLE DEViL PARADE", and so I thought of making her as the subject of my drawing. Plus, with all those bright colors, she is surely fun to draw!

Okay, so here's a tip on how I was able to make the drawing. First, draw an outline. In my case, I traced LiSA's shape. Then fill the outlines with solid colors. To make them look realistic(I hope mine looked a bit realistic. Hehe!), apply dark and light colors with a brush. Blend the colors to achieve a soft transition of colors. Change the opacity of colors if needed. For the hair, I used a brush and adjusted the size from thick (for the darkest color) and thin (for the lightest color). Blend in the ends of the hair strands to have a smooth hair appearance.

Basically, the best way to achieve a realistic effect to the drawing is to use a lot of dark and light colors. I had fun doing this and I think it's easier too, but is quite time consuming especially doing the hair.

Drawing software used is Clip Studio Paint.

I am yet to send a copy of my drawing to LiSA. Hopefully she notices it.

Thanks for watching!


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Country: Philippines