Watch Me WIP: Orange Pink Pop LiSA [Drawing #27]

Uploaded on Tuesday 22 May 2018


Hello! Welcome to my 27th Watch Me WIP series! For this video, I will be making an art of Japanese Pop/Rock Anime Song singer, LiSA. LiSA stands for "Live is Smile Always."

Recently, she released a couple of photos on her Instagram account (xlisa_olivex), and this one which I drew is one of my favorites. I love the red, orange, black, and pink color combination. I think the colors made her more beautiful.

My drawing program is Clip Studio Paint and the brush I used is called “Pure Paint” which I downloaded from the Clip Studio Assets. The drawing took me around 4 hours although I only recorded 2 hours of my drawing process. For the video, I increased the speed to 1500.

I also tried to become a lesser perfectionist to my art. I think it looked better when I draw without putting too much pressure on myself and trying to make it very detailed.

That’s all. I hope you like it! I really love LiSA as my subject for my art because she’s fun to draw even though her hair is a bit challenging to draw.

Thanks for watching!

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