Watch Me WIP: Simple Eye Coloring Tutorial [Drawing #6]

Uploaded on Thursday 23 March 2017


Hello everyone! It's been awhile since I posted a video of my Watch Me WIP series. For this video, I am going to show you how I usually color the eyes of my drawings.

My coloring technique is actually very simple! I use only four colors. One for the base color and shadow. For the highlights, I use two shades of colors similar to the base color.

Then I add a white reflection to make the eyes come alive and a shadow for the eyeball.

For the tools: I use the G Pen, Marker Pen and Blur for blending some colors. I also adjust the opacity of some colors to make it appear like a reflection and for the colors under to be visible. The drawing software I use to make my drawings is Clip Studio Paint. I find it the easiest drawing software to use.

Drawing might seem tedious at first but it's certainly fun. And remember that drawing needs a lot of patience. (I always keep this in mind. Hehe!)

I hope you like this simple tutorial I made. Have a nice colorful day!

Thanks for watching!


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