Way Far Gone Trailer

Uploaded on Friday 6 August 2010


Burke (Jessejames Locorriere) is a self-loathing English teacher and failed writer, rocketing towards forty with no good years ahead that he can see. Never one to miss a bad decision, he reboots his sorry life with powerful doses of crystal meth stolen from a student (Veronica Longo). In doing so he crosses up a hook-handed drug dealer named Avery (John Ferguson), and falls for a mysterious woman in a dark wig, Serafina (Sarah-Jane Hill), who shares in Burke's insatiable addictions. Wanting to take Serafina and all the cash and drugs he can carry on his way out of town, Burke sneaks into the deep woods with a half-assed plan to rob Avery's meth lab. What happens there instead shocks Burke, Avery, and Serafina into realizing that nobody's life is a solo act. See more at http://www.roughcustomerfilms.com


Language: English

Length: 2:03

Country: United States

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