Wetpaint and College Friends Year End and Christmas Party

Uploaded on Tuesday 27 December 2016


It is always good to see old faces of friends from college. We don't always have a get together as college friends but this year, we made sure that before it ends, we would be able to celebrate Christmas together, for two reasons, one is to catch up and two, to just laugh about everything.

Our first location option was in Red Box Ayala but unfortunately, the room which can accommodate around 15 persons is not anymore available so we have to find another option. Then we found K1 in Crossroads Mall and got a reservation afterwards.

James and I are college friends as most of you know so of course we went to the party together straight from Bohol. We first bought our gifts for the exchange gift event later on in Bohol and brought it all the way to the location, we were not able to go home anymore and just went straight to K1.

We stayed for five long hours in the location, talking about everything and everything under the sun, talking about old memories, old friends, things that had happened in the past and things that had occurred to our friends in college.

It is indeed a joyful event as we exchange gifts too! Since we were only twelve where two of them didn't bring any gifts, Ken and Mark, we had to slowly pick our numbers and get the gift we had picked and open it in front of everyone.

This video shows our group photos together and the exchange gift event too. I had fun that night and so as the rest of the group. It was a fun night, I enjoyed talking to these old buddies. Indeed life has changed us but for the better.

How about you? Have you had any get together party for Christmas 2016 with your friends?

Let me know. Comment below!

Jean Beltran-Figues


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