Wire to Wolves Documentary (Part 1) | Warrington Wolves

Uploaded on Thursday 11 July 2013


This is the first part of a two-part documentary which covers the history of Warrington Wolves Rugby Club, and the town that surrounds it. Once upon a time, when all this was just fields I played for Warrington Wolves - though back then the club was still called the Wire.

We had a few corporate goals on this one and a couple of personal ones. The club wanted to document the history of the club with a child friendly element. I wanted to introduce Warrington's 100,000 or so new inhabitants to my home town and the sport of Rugby League and do it with passion.

I love England's North West but the lack of passion in the way we talk sometimes drives me crazy. People in the North West are born tough and bragging or even talking with admiration about anyone is all too rare. I was determined to talk with passion and yes, even poetry about these legends of the game who put their bodies on the line in a gladitorial fashion.

Along with the Wolves Foundation, we spent 12 months working together on this massive project of documenting the rich history of Warrington Wolves and the town they represent.

After working hard to secure Heritage Lottery Funding, we produced a 100 metre long timeline, supported by augmented reality videos, motion graphics, poetry and two, powerful documentaries. Hearing the players talking about the great players who are no longer with us and the time they had to hang up they're boots ("It's like me saying to you, you know this job you love, films and design and whatever? Well you can't do that ever again because you're too old.") the response to these have been amazing and really emotional...even blokes from the North West have been in tears...honest.



Language: English

Length: 11:25

Country: United Kingdom