Writer/Director Mike Mills Talks About "Beginners"

Uploaded on Saturday 4 June 2011


Mike Mills ("Thumbsucker") reveals that he wrote the movie "Beginners" as an homage to his father who lived his life as a heterosexual male -- married with kids -- and then came out as a gay man at 75. When he passed away five years later, even when he was sick, Mills says "he didn't act like a sick person, he was still thriving."

Christopher Plummer plays the father in "Beginners" and Ewan McGregor stars as his son. The movie is emotionally rich and undeniably human. From Focus Features, "Beginners" is currently showing in NY and LA. It will roll out in theaters near you in upcoming weeks, check your local listings.

In this interview, Mills talked about:

*** The autobiographical aspect of "Beginners"
*** Gay life in the '50s
*** The film's historical yet not preachy perspective
*** The movie's questioning of "what's real?"
*** Did he notice his father's sexual orientation?
*** Finding one's self through their history of sadness


Language: English

Length: 5:00

Country: United States