Xcorps Action Sports Music Presents TRAILDUSTER

Uploaded on Saturday 14 September 2013


Xcorps Action Sports Music Presents TRAILDUSTER - This special Xcorps Motor X report has reporter Scott Sommers test driving some classic American 4x4 Iron from the Dodge Ramcharger sport utility era - an original 1979 Plymouth TrailDuster. Check out this original ride with only 50,000 miles on it rolling the incredibly scenic dirt roads of Californias Anza Borrego State Park!

Shoot team X driving a 1996 Jeep ZJ 4x4 - which acted as a camera platform - headed east out of San Diego with the Trailduster driven by mechanic and on camera host Scott Sommers. Destination was the incredibly desolate bone dry and beautiful Borrego Desert.
Xcorps chose this area to test this truck because it has over 500 miles of scenic off road miles available to explore! A place called Fonts Point was the sunset destination despite the August heat.

Music in this film provided by RIVE promoted artist Micah Zenda strumming his song “Against The Wall” on a cool Lyra guitar!
Super groove here with Zenda’s tunes locking into the Borrego desert landscape! Lots of offroad miles covered shooting this film but you will not see another vehicle rolling besides The Xcorps…that’s how BIG and WIDE Borrego is! Roll with it!

Mission accomplished despite the 110F blast with minor hose repairs after some hill climbs! Great shots acquired of the TrailDuster on multiple terrains by cameras shooting from multi angles capturing this classic and iconic off-road vehicle in the golden desert light leaving a trail of dust behind it! This was Plymouth’s only SUV, produced from 1974-1981.

Xcorps TV cameras shot this TrailDuster in its original desert colors and 360ci engine running down dirt trails so scenic it looks like a 1980 Plymouth TV commercial! Additional music by Encinitas band Fang rolling with the Anza desert scenery which closes out with a super sunset at Fonts Point – the Grand Canyon of Borrego State Park!

Borrego is a California State Park Service hidden off-road scenic X Zone! With over 500 miles of dirt roads in Borrego park there is plenty of Jeep trail fun to be had!
Special Thanks to the California State Park Service Borrego Station and the Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce.
Stay Tuned!
8/2013 TRT-6:48
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