Xcorps Action Sports TV #54 AEROBATS seg.2

Uploaded on Wednesday 12 June 2013


Xcorps Action Sports TV #54.) AEROBATS seg.2 - Xcorps Action Sports and Music TV Presents extreme aerobatic flying over the Borrego desert and U.S. Xcorps host and X Games Gold member Rat Sult STREET LUGING 10 MILES DOWNHILL into Borrego Springs California on his way to report on a wild aero event called the Borrego Hammerhead Roundup!
Check out the wild action here as RAT rolls The Borrego S22 Drop on his street skate luge sticking the steep hairpin turns of CA Rt S22 also known as Montezuma Road. Rat’s a pro…DON’T TRY this at home kids!
For the grueling speedride Rat wore his original LINE X Yellow leathers and burned away a new pair of Vans skate shoes! Rats yellow LINE-X leathers are the ones that appear on the TECH DECK Rat Sult action figure collector series available in stores!

As usual TheXcorps reporters and cameras were the only ones rolling at this insane niche action sports event held at Borrego Valley Airport in the desert town of Borrego Springs California and featured some of the worlds best AEROBATIC STUNT PLANE pilots competing in what’s called a SKY BOX above the airport runway!

Xcorps TV host Rat Sult interviewed many of the ultra X pilots including the winner of the sky event along with a couple female flyers and then on a dare for thrills Rat put on a parachute and strapped himself into one of the gravity defying high performance planes – a carbon fiber Velox N11VX with a crazy and skilled pilot to match for the ride of his life! See how Rat holds up to those NEGATIVE G’s!

Anyone who does this kind of flying Xcorps calls AEROBATS!
Stay Tuned!
Music by Angelo Marruzzi.
Thanks to The Borrego Springs Resort and the town of Borrego Springs California.
See The Action Hear The Music Join The Xcorps!
A J.S.Edmondson Film
TRT 3:10
©2013 TheXcorps


Language: English

Length: 3:10

Country: United States