Xcorps Action Sports TV SPECIAL Tribute to ASR Featuring GOPRO

Uploaded on Sunday 28 August 2011


Xcorps Action Sports TV Special Tribute to ASR Featuring GOPRO - For 30 years ASR -The Action Sports Retail convention held twice a year in Long Beach and San Diego represented the Action Sports Industry introducing new fun products to the youth market! It was a big party blowout where all the deals were made and new cool products unleashed! Xcorps has been covering the gig for 15 years and now in 2011 it is history!

This video is part of a multi segment series focusing on Xcorps shoots at ASR. This segment part one was shot in 2008 and 2009 at the San Diego events and features the leader in POV action cams GOPRO. Check out the best POV clips of surfers, skaters, BASE jumpers, kayakers and more all crystal sharp and in your face! GOPRO rules the market with revolutionary small compact HD cams complete with UW protective housings!

This Xcorps ASR special begins with on camera host reporter Jason Lazo at the sexy REEF booth and some new tunes and a video from RIVE featuring Reach Records Atlanta rapper TEDASHII doing the song "Burn This House Down'. Tight and soulful with the message cut with this is ASR action including veteran skate legend Duane Peters pulling moves on the ASR ramp. Duane is a skater who has paid his skate dues in blood and still rolls hard!
Suburban Noize band Hed P.E. rolls with the action doing their song Born To Ride'!

Next Jason stops at the GOPRO mega booth complete with Ford GT40 race car and lots of big video screens full of wide big POV action shots of the sports TheXcorps likes to cover - surf - sand and skate as well as motorsports!
Jason talks with GoPro frontman Justin Wilkenfeld about the compact rugged and affordable camera system. Super cool action shots roll with the interview.
SubNoiZe band DIRTBALL provides the beat with Tried Trued Tested matching the sick action of a kayaker dropping down a vertical whitewater chute! Nice.

ASR was all about insanely cool new products like the wild strap on for cyber powers rig called the Power Strider which basically enables one to have spring legs and do backflips 10 feet in the air! Check out demo rider Henry Holloway having some BIG fun for the Xcams bouncing front and back flips and fully representing ASR at ASR!

After that another skate legend Jeff Ho from Zephyr does a thro for the Xcorps cameras along with Subnoize Records owner Kevin Zinger and friend hanging at the SRH booth Supporting Radical Habits!.

ASR represented Action Sports in Southern California and was a BLAST!
May it NOT RIP! Bring Back ASR!

Special Thanks to Dave Alvarez for his camera work in the production of this segment. Stay tuned for upcoming ASR tribute segments shot by Xcorps over the years! TRT- 8:12
J.S.Edmondson 8/2011
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