Xcorps ROAD TOUR Crater Lake ANIX

Uploaded on Saturday 7 April 2012


Xcorps ROAD TOUR Crater Lake ANIX - Xcorps TV drove across the continental USA from Boston to San Diego finding fun and adventure shooting HD video for our audience!

This segment features action along the super scenic road that circles the deepest lake in the USA - Crater Lake Oregon along with great music and video from the LA based band The ANIX.

Show host Jason Lazo is at the wheel on yet another everyday adventure Xcorps style rolling big and wide across the USA edited with a cool synth-PoP RIVE promoted music video to match from Electro / Rock / Alternative band The ANIX making the trip even more worthy!

You will miss these scenes from 30,000 feet so Xcorps went East Coast to West Coast traveling US HWY 80 windows down and cameras rolling! To get the shots we strapped real HD cams NOT GO PROS on the dash and sides of the car and used super wide angle fish cams to capture all the action and scenery. We also took many off the thruway routes to remote less traveled locations. Look a pronghorn antelope!

On the Xcorps we feature bands and music videos that roll with our action and adventures and the ANIX band fits the bill and carries the groove down the highway with Jason rolling the blacktop around Crater lake, an ancient monster volcano now filled with almost 2000 feet of crystal snowmelt water which is kept from freezing from lava heat not too far under! Oh yes there is also the legend of the giant mutant crayfish that lunges out of the depths grabbing foolish fishermen from the shores!

Influenced by The Police, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Queen, Rush and the German industrial sounds of Die Krupps, The Anix electrocutes grunge with alternative high watt riffs and melodic harmonies that echo hauntingly long after first play. This music video 'Glass' from the same song on the Sleep Walker album is directed by Chris Do is well shot and produced future noir style with tight edits and a techno darkness that matches the bands airbrushed makeup!
The three piece LA based Cleopatra Records band ANIX includes singer/guitar Brandon Smith, drummer Logan Smith, and keyboardist Greg Nabours.

Follow Jason as he takes a steep hike from the volcano crater rim down to the waters edge with the wildlife along the least traveled path dancing for a handout! Jason gives a little background history on this far from average lake that used to be a place of fire and very worthy of a place to stop on a road tour!

Closing scenes with Wizard Island -- a second volcanic cone rising out of Crater lake and Jason hitting the road for the California coast and the next leg of the Xcorps cross country tour! Stay Tuned!

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