Xcorps SweetRides Charger Steves Wild Rides

Uploaded on Monday 1 October 2012


Xcorps SweetRides Special Charger Steves Wild Rides - The X cam crew rolled into the middle of the San Diego Summer beach zone Pacific Beach to cover the crazy ACTION music seXy dancing and custom CARS at the Charger Steve’s WILD RIDES and Classic Car Showdown! Check out this sizzling ActioN!

Following the lead with the southern California trend toward bigger and more unique automotive street events this show in Pacific Beach was one of the larger with 3 full blocks of the main beach boulevard of Garnet avenue being closed off to through traffic so that hundreds of classic cars and Hollywood exhibition vehicles could line up free to the public!

It was a HOT August Dog Day afternoon but the event was even hotter with front man Charger Steve, who collects movie cars including an original 1969 “General Lee” Dodge Charger from the TV series ‘Dukes of Hazard’, which explains how he got his nick name!
Steve MCd the Wild Rides event adding his own high octane excitement which included Burlesque dance and bikini contest stage acts, celebs like Brady Bunch Christopher Knight signing autographs and a very cool custom motor X demo by Wild Thing – ’31 Chevy blasting 30 foot exhaust flames along with an engine blow up contest to a thrilled crowd! Xcorps Sweet Rides host Scott Sommers reports from the event talking to Phil Leatherman driver of the flame throwing drag wagon ‘Wild Thang’. See what it takes to make a car like this do what it does!

Also introduced on this XCMS special is a new music video from RIVE Promotions featuring the band Fools For Rowan. This charging group with a vocal lead from south Dakota girl Erin Mullins is based out of Nashville and we are very happy to have them Join the Xcorps in this segment doing their tune “Killed A Man Today”.

After that its back to more bikini clad women and hot cars on a siZZling San Diego Summer day with Scott talking to ‘Charger Steve’ Lordigyan about the event and some of the sponsors who made this happening San Diego car street exhibition a success!
Thanks to all sponsors and promoters for making this Xcorps SweetRides episode so sexy!
Addition music from Encinitas band Fang c/o Philip Vanderwater and recorded live by Xcorps the percussion band CREW thumps out a nice V8 beat using plastic garbage cans us drums!
Stay Tuned!

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