Xcorps TV presents - On The Trail of Adventure – Arroyo Salado

Uploaded on Tuesday 19 November 2013


Xcorps TV presents - On The Trail of Adventure Anza Borrego State Park – Arroyo Salado! The 4X4 offroad adventure continues with cameras rolling on the north eastern corner of this huge California desert park. Driving 15 miles east of the town of Borrego Springs along CA Hwy S-22 the Xcorps Jeep Cherokee ZJ took a turnout called Arroyo Salado. This video is what we shot driving along a winding flash flood wash that cuts through the very unique and surreal desert badlands.

The road was designed by the nature of running water with surroundings changing constantly with much color and scenic beauty. Perspective and direction are delightfully confusing here as if driving through hills of melted chocolate! There are miles of dramatic stretches of road with vertical cliffs layered multi colored from geologic periods laid bare by the storm waters. Because of the water that lingers underground along the wash bajadas are created – places where creosote bush, sage and smoke tree saplings grow and line the white sand wash road. Just yards away from the wash a different environment exists where for the most part there is little plant life able to grow on the melting eroding landscape!

This films sunset was shot about 4.3 miles along the Arroyo Salado at a place called 5 Palms named after that many palm trees growing in this Badlands grove. Recent winds knocked down one of the palms (4 Palms). It’s a cool place for a sunset with a panoramic view of the mountains to the west above the town of Borrego Springs.
Also along Arroyo Salado are the popular spots ‘Pumpkin Patch’ and ’17 Palms’.

One of the largest state parks in the United States and the largest in California Anza-Borrego is located east of San Diego. The vast and remote California Desert State Park is an amazing place to behold while hiking or driving slowly along an arroyo wash as the XC Jeep mounted HD cameras did for this video giving the viewer a good sense of being there! It should be noted that not one other vehicle or person was seen during our trip along the Arroyo Salado. Most people return to asphalt before sunset and the cover of darkness…not Xcorps!
With a desert environment commanding respect it took an extreme explorer - a Novo Spaniard named Juan Bautista de Anza to cross it in 1775 leading an expedition from Mexico to the current day San Francisco.
This short film is part of a continuing series with TheXcorps exploring the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park and the more than 500 miles of 4x4 dirt roads there covering some of the most unique varied and pristine desert environments anywhere on the planet!
Special Thanks to California State Park station Anza Borrego and the Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce in the making of this film.
J.S.Edmondson – ‘Arroyo Salado’
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