Xcorps TV Presents SUPER TRUCKS Pt.2

Uploaded on Wednesday 29 October 2014


Xcorps TV Presents SUPER TRUCKS part.2 - The Xcorps charges hard bending the bounds of motor sports sanity in this video series called SUPER TRUCKS featuring high powered 4X4 truck racing at the Orange County Fair short track in Costa Mesa California.

Xcorps on camera host reporter Rat Sult leads the X viewer out of the stands and deep into the heart of thundering race action mid-field making for another classic XC style high energy race report! See Rat yell his report into the mike and check the wild video shot just feet away from the screaming truck tires! Just another day on TheXcorps!

Segment 2 opens up with some more wild action with race series leader Robby Gordon going airborne in his stadium SUPER TRUCK and sticking the landing! Xcorps reporter Rat Sult then rolls the pits stopping at TOYO TIRES to chat with the sexy Encinitas California native Sydney Maler who talks about how much she likes the SUPER TRUCK races! See who she thinks is the BEST driver!
Nice choice for a rep TOYO! Sydney girl knows her tires!

This Xcorps race series report was shot the weekend of September 20 at the Orange County Fairgrounds race track and featured top seated Robby Gordon and other stadium super truck drivers including Keegan Kincaid, Aaron Bambach, Nick Vanis, B.J. Baldwin, Apdaly Lopez, Aaron Bambach, Scotty Steele, PJ Jones, Charles Dorrance, Burt Jenner and more of the best off-road truck race drivers on the planet!

The Xcorps report team hosted by Rat Sult also covered the Sand Sports Super Show event held at the OC Fair along with the off-road truck races.

Stay Tuned for additional SUPER TRUCK video segments here on Xcorps TV from the Orange County Fairgrounds at the Sand Sports Super show where host Rat Sult checks out what’s new in the SAND SPORT OFF ROAD world by talking to some of the key players in a fast fun and eXpanding industry!

Rolling with all the ACTION in this video is the RIVE promoted Relapse Records band ROYAL THUNDER doing their song “Blue” which is a cool!

Music from RIVE video promotions. Stay Tuned for more video segments in the Xcorps TV SUPER TRUCKS series!
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