Xcorps TV PRESENTS XCOR Aerospace The LYNX

Uploaded on Friday 12 October 2012


Xcorps TV PRESENTS XCOR Aerospace The LYNX - These are exciting times to fly especially since a California based aerospace company called XCOR has built a new rocket powered space hopper called the LYNX that will soon be available to give those who buy a ticket a ride to space!

Xcorps TV has been following XCOR for several years now because we too like to fly fast – remember the XC Mig-21 episode! Rocket powered vehicles are cooler not only because they go fast but also because they can bring you to exciting and weightless places! XCOR aerospace is an innovative engineering company that has shown they have learned how to built safe reliable rocket powered vehicles and they want non-astronaut type people to fly in them for the exciting experience!
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A J.S.Edmondson Film 9/2012 TRT-8:33
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