Uploaded on Wednesday 2 July 2014


Here is the rarely seen version of the 2007 viral animation Yellow Sticky Notes with the film's composer, Genevieve Vincent's, commentary about she created the music for the film. In this version, Genevieve explains her inspiration behind creating the film's score and some of the creative decisions she made.

This was the first film that Genevieve Vincent ever scored and at the time she was attending the Berklee College of Music in Boston and taking the Music Composition and Film Scoring programs. She has since gone on to score four other films by filmmaker Jeff Chiba Stearns.

Synopsis: After realizing that yellow sticky note "to do" lists were consuming his life, animation filmmaker Jeff Chiba Stearns decided to visually self-reflect on his filmmaking journey by animating on the same sticky notes that caused him to ignore major world events for the last nine years. Animation meditation is blended with image, text, and an original musical score by Genevieve Vincent through the creation of a classically animated experimental film that was drawn straight ahead with only a black ink pen on over 2300 yellow sticky notes.


Language: English

Country: Canada