Your Buzz - Social Media Strategies

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Your Buzz - Social Media Strategies

No matter how brilliant and talented you, your brand or your company may be, your Your Buzz won't be sufficiently appreciated by your "stakeholders" until the outside world recognizes you. Your Buzz platform reaches 25 million unique viewers per month and up to 30 million videos are watched there every day. Social Media Strategies are a process and Your Buzz acts in a "Mission Control" manner with a focus on the following core elements:

Creating the Buzz - Niche Content is the key driver of Social Media. It is the food of Social Media that gets "consumed" by followers, shareholders, and stakeholders in your company or brand. We work with our clients to create and maintain highly relevant, timely, engaging, and provocative niche content that will attract followers and bring them back for more.

Spreading the Buzz - We have a variety of distribution platforms that we use to create a staged approach to WideThenNarrow distribution. We spread the "buzz" about your company or brand. We achieve this through a variety of methodologies including our on-line video distribution platform that receives over 25 million unique visitors per month. We then follow wide distribution with very narrow distribution with a proprietary technology via our partnership with UpGraded Strategies.

Engaging the Buzz - We actively engage directly with Bloggers, investors, target clients/customers, and other interested "stakeholders" in your company or brand. This leads to increased publicity, name recognition, brand awareness and positive juice.

Trolling the Buzz - We monitor web conversations and content for interesting and relevant buzz about your brand or company.

Mining the Buzz - We efficiently collect enormous amounts of data that can provide input into both strategic and tactical decision making.

Leveraging the Buzz - We position companies and C.E.O.'s as Thought Leaders in their industries that are sought after by clients, analysts, and other stakeholders.


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