Zongamin Quintet Party !!!

Uploaded on Wednesday 24 August 2011


Pleasure of giving.
Zongamin actually called Susumu Mukai. It is also Japanese, bassist, composer, illustrator, London, virtually unknown to the general public and extremely talented. So much the better. Kind of one-man band-super-hero who does that in good taste. Which to locate, "Serious Trouble," his first title released in 2000 is directly "playlist" with "2 Many Dj's" in their album "As Heard On Radio Soulwax '. Guarantee of quality. Trevor Jackson also gave her a few tracks in his "DJ Kicks". No less.
After three EPs, the album is finally ready in early 2003. While all majors welcome him with open arms, prefers the devil sign with Zongamin Flesh Records, an independent micro label when directed by Mike Silver aka "Mickey Moonlight", faithful friend of the Japanese. The songs hit hard. The "tracks" swing one after the other generous bass lines, syncopated fragments of electronic-sounding Germanic, along with a dandy sense of humor and offbeat as a gift package. Highly cinematic, terribly modern. Live, multiply and this Zongamin a quintet shamefully cynical. Notes are released with ease, as if it were normal to be talented. The surprise is even greater than Susumu occurs only very rarely on stage. Fortunately, we were there. Proof.

achievement /
Kevin Gay, Victor Lech, Peter J. Secondi & Vincent Tajan.

translation /
Vincent Tajan.

thanks /
Susumu, Manu Le Baron & Social Club.


Language: English

Length: 4min

Country: France

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