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Rachna Parmar is a Content Developer, Blogger, Article writer, and Co-Founder and Director of Tranquil Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. I am a passionate reader and a mother of two sons. I love reading about a variety of issues. An MBA by qualification and a professional writer and entrepreneur, I am especially fascinated by social issues, relationships, fitness, health and nutrition. I have done a multitude of writing assignments that I find especially rewarding, as I get to explore and learn new things and stretch myself a little bit each time. I specialize in SEO-based articles, blog posts and website content. My blog continues to be one place where I give vent to my personal feelings. I have lived in the US and have traveled the world.

My company, Tranquil Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. specializes in creating customized software solutions. Get in touch with me for any requirements today!

I am truly amazed by the videos and the tales that I've discovered on Film Annex. I love this opportunity to see and write about issues close to my heart. And, I hope to spread awareness about various issues that face our daily lives. Do watch more videos and read my blogposts right here on Film Annex.