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Samiullah was born in 1991 in Farah province Afghanistan, but I graduated from Gull Muhammad high school in Nimrooz province in 2008. During the school time I worked in Bunyad institute as an English teacher. Because when I was in Farah providence I studied English at many courses. I went to Bunyad institute to learn more English and I use my English skills for training others to speak an international language from 2008 until 2010. I went to Heart providence to work in (Shendan) district as an interpreter with United States especial forces from 2010 to 2011. Then I came to Heart and I found a job in Key travel agency. I was there for 1 year as a manager. I can speak four languages Pashto is my native language, I can also speak Dari, Balochi and English. I really love to write my ideas about everything in these languages. Also I really like to read in these languages because when I read something I can learn lots of different things from different people. I am a student of second year private university of computer science and now I am working with (Afghan citadel Software Company) as a weblog designer and translator.