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Starting from the early lives and early history of mankind there were no means of communication. People used to send messages through……

by Azmat_Ali

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sadaf kiyani

 It is well known quotation of Abraham Maslow, "You can teach student a lesson for a day ; but if you can teach him to learn……

by sadaf-kiyani

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New Afghanistan

Selfish Banoo

I want to write something about my beautiful country... people from another countries have a bad idea about Afghanistan. I want to……

by Selfish

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shahzad ahmed

In this blog I want to tell you some important things about old age. All of us do not want to be old but one day we have to grow old.……

by shahzad-ahmed-6415

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Tech shopping!

РОБОТЫ - Константин Смирнов

 GROCERY SHOPPERS! PREPARE, TECH SHOPPING IS IN THE AIR!   Imagine a new technologically advanced Supermarket that takes……

by RobotsandI

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