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Commercial: Mountain Man (Test/Mock)…
Commercial "CE SABADELL"
Archive Fashion Film 1964: Fashion…
ARGANIA Corporel
Parfum pour femme Jean AIROLDI
Oilfield Dodge
The Early Bird
Archive Fashion Film 1956: The Story…
Archive Fashion Film 1969 featuring…
Sky - Exultation

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What is Tsu ?

Xcelent Khan

Tsu is the newest way to earning money from the internet.Tsu is just like Facebook but Facebook does……

by Xcelent

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Sanjida Santa

  Advertisement is , in the present day world , the most effective and recognised means of making people know about the products……

by sanjida-santa

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Make Money (Paid Verts)

Mi RãQsãm Ãã

Amazing highly paying PTC,earn upto $0.25-$500 perday, minimum withdrawal $1, earn BIG money..increase your earnings everyday by campaigns,……

by mi-rqsm

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Advertising Instrument

Heze Schel

Setting promoting on free characterized locales and rezones is an alternate partner advertising instrument. Since there is generally……

by Momi-Zel

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Consumer behavior 2

Mohammed Hussein

As we discussed before about the consumer behavior that it is very important to study the consumers' minds before taking any action……

by mohd227

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Marketing part 1


I was sharing blogs on social networks there I saw an advertisement about the business that we are doing. It’s all about the……

by ummi0112

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