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Afghanistan USA Strategic Partnership…

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The business activity in which there is more than one owner who run the business by mutual consultation. The partnership involves……

by Darkprince540

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A Pure Relation


Marriage is a deified relation between a couple. It is like an agreement and contract between couple and their children and with their……

by umairfilmannex

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اردو زبان

Abid Khan

اردو زبانپاکستان اور ہندوستان کی واحد زبان ہے جو درا خیبر سے چاٹگام اور……

by abid-khan

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Business-Life ||

Aly Elsom

Another problem is that we get more than one job in the company for instance you work as a journalist with ART, and then you get an……

by aly-elsom

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