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Mother's Day


Today is Mother's Day and we all know it is a very special day. We celebrate our mom it is very important because she gave us a meaning……

by TheDragon

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Halloween ...


Tonight here tonight has started to roarFurther horizons have started to blackenThe weather is cold, the seasons are changedunder……

by leli2016

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Amazing Information

Umair Ali

The name of all the continents end with the same letter that they start with. #subscribe for more #amazing #facts……

by umair-ali-1990

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islamic posts

umair hashmi

Ba Wuzu aur Zikr Karte hue Soyyen! ♥.......✦The Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) said: "If a Muslim sleeps while remembering……

by hashmi2011

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Lie Part 1


Woke up early today. Again having problem with traffic noise.Was waking up a relief?. My watch showed 10:15 a.m for a moment a sheer……

by Naralad

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Naz Marriage Bureau

Deeba Shaheel

  Naz Marriage Bureau Naz marriage Bureau is a match making agency and it was found in 2001 by Mrs. Sabiha Yousuf.Mrs. Sabiha……

by Deeba5

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Drug Abuse,

Muhammad Naveed

Drug Abuse, Addiction, and the Brain Why Do Some People Become Addicted While Others Do Not?No single factor can predict whether or……

by mnaveed354

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Good and Bad Guys

Amel Khan

The main issue in our society  is  the good guy always remain single and bullied but the bad guy remains a play boy loves……

by amelkhan54

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Work From Home.


I started to search a job, with work form home for my wife when she's a mom. And guess what, here i am stuck with a job on how to……

by MintuRoy

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my biographi

Inoxent Larka

Hi my real name is arsalan and i am 17 years old and i complete my ssc part 2 exams and i am waiting for result to get admission on……

by inoxent-larka

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Stem Cell Treatment

Ma Josephan Louise Aphrodite

Stem Cell has been viral years ago. People say that it lengthens life or even make you younger.. But what is stem cell? Stem Cell……

by jalou

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Rice Water Bath Benefit

Ma Josephan Louise Aphrodite

Usually when we wash our rice we just pour it on the sink but I have found out that rice water can nourish our skin and hair. I have……

by jalou

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Please Read Me!

Ma Josephan Louise Aphrodite

MIRACLE OF MOTHER VAILANKANNI   There was a miracle in Vailankanni Church, India in the 16th Century. Until today nobody would……

by jalou

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no person

Amjad Jan

there is no person who can guide and spot me in bitlanders plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz friends spot and join me.thanks

by Amjad121

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dreams for you

Madhvi Saxena

At night time when we are rested,we go to sleep easier and it isn’t hard to fall a sleep. This is the ideal feeling of being……

by madhvi-saxena

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According to greek mythology , agamemnon was the son of (Atreus) and the brother of (Menelous),  King of Sparta.He was married……

by jenefir

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Hey Ice Machine

RUST Magazine

  OK, so as a music writer I try to live by 2 rules. The first is not referring to myself in a write-up and second is not comparing……

by rust-magazine

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Money obsession


We all need money for most of our activities that we apply daily.We need at working places,market areas blahblah..... However,I want……

by Hailemix

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