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The Longest Way 1.0 - Walk through…
RUST captures The Smoking Popes
What Goes Around - Trailer

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Walking Woman


The photograph was all over social media: a young woman walking in Kabul without a hijab or a scarf or burqa and wearing a mid-length……

by Afwebco

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A season is a part of year that covers changes in weather and daylight. They are broken down into 4 different categories, spring,……

by Zubairannex

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Heratweb Group

  For many people, the internet, mobiles, social networking and other new technologies are shaping their daily lives. The figures……

by Heratweb

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Aziz tokhi

          DON'T COMPLAIN... Look around you.. Thank Allah for everything that he allows you to have in this……

by Aziztokhi

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Ziba Haidarey

Book is something which connects us around the world. By the book one can understand us about others, ideas, activities, and deed.……

by ziba-haidarey

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