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Charlie Chan at The Opera
Super Kawaii! Episode 19
Kawaii Toons: The Great Auntie
JSE 420 Films - Laguna 484 North Gallery…
#InTheLab at the Artists for Peace…
Festival of contemporary Art of Afghanistan…
"Starships" Cover
"Don't Know Why" Cover
"Georgia on My Mind" Cover
2013 MTV Video Music Awards, Red Carpet…
Kawaii 5-2: Artists and the Arts 4
Kawaii 5-2: Artists and the Arts 3
We Believe In Massoud
10,000 Balloons Are Coming To Kabul
We Believe In Shamsia
BTS of The Falling by Melissa Rodwell…
We Believe In Zarlasht
ما به طلسم و قدرت افسون…
Мы Верим в Шары
Kawaii 5-2: Artists and the Arts 2
...Is Very Reel
Spiraling Paradise Circus
Kawaii 5-2: Artists and the Arts
Doni doni - soon you will be artists…
Devo Talks
Interview with Gerald Busby
Interview with Lindsey Nobel

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The First Artists

Jack Williams

"I have no fear of making changes, destroying the image, etc., because the painting has a life of its own." -Jackson Pollock- In 1987,……

by jack-williams

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Great Music Pays


Akanamali hit maker Sun-El Musician continues his sensational rise with him being selected for the New Artist Spotlight o Apple Music……

by Ntsiki86

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Transcendental Artist

Cynthia Chan

Here's a link to my new film. If you have a passion for art and want to know more about art and inspiration, check it out:,……

by WiserOne

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  MY FAVORITE SINGER   Hello Guys, Today I am here to present my another Blog on the subject of "My Favorite Singer". ……

by Rafaquat

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Support my Music Artist Spotify Radio

Gabriel Berman

Heres my Radio playlist for you to listen and share with your friends to support my musics on Spotify Radio ! Hope you Enjoy ;)……

by PixFlake

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What is Art?

Zace Fox

In my own personal opinion, art is your life, predicted into one state of mind.  I feel as though art, could be confused as just……

by zace-fox

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BLOG #157: Aramid

ako eto

"Aramid" is an Ilocano word meaning "work, act, do, make." Ilocano or Ilokano is one of the most spoken dialects/languages……

by ako-eto

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What is FAMusicTV?


FAMusicTV is an official web TV, representing independent material, in collaboration with Web TV is dedicated to the……


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