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This is a kind of celebration part…
This is a kind of celebration part…
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Avoid Tobacco Use

Lhai Alvarez

Tobacco use is the most important preventable illness and cause of death in the U.S., according to the National CancerInstitute……

by lhai-alvarez

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Dengue Virus


Dengue virus/ fever is highly spreading virus in Pakistan from last few years.It is very dangerous virus ,it  has affected hundreds……

by cobra87

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sport and health


In the name of Allah Sport and health It is clear that everyone likes to enjoy good health and stay healthy but    ……

by yarsadaf

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Birth control

sahel hakimi

Birth control Also see contraception family planning birth control is what a couple does when they avoid having unwanted babies. They……

by sahel-hakimi

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I keep noticing a vast number of people around me experiencing financial difficulties. Some of them are able to deal with a temporary……

by IvanK

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