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When life hits you, be an elastic band not a hard rock. All our lives we are taught to be hard as rock or as strong as a steel rod……

by Sismter12211

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Adhuri Kahani

Mohammad Bilal

Don't look back when you are on the way to success. It is the crucial stage which you are passing. When you achieved your goals, everyone……

by mohammad-bilal

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IT specialist

  HOLD MY HAND Akon and MJ oh yeah yeahThis life don't last forever (Hold my hand)So tell me what we're waiting for (Hold my……

by IT-specialist

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IT specialist

JAM     Nation To NationAll The WorldMust Come TogetherFace The ProblemsThat We SeeThen Maybe Somehow We Can Work It OutI……

by IT-specialist

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Keep the Faith

IT specialist

Keep The Faith   If You Call Out LoudWill It Get InsideThrough The Heart Of Your SurrenderTo Your AlibisAnd You Can Say The WordsLike……

by IT-specialist

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Expected better


Now life is something that can not be contained. It goes on on on. It never stops. Though it gives you chances to relive moments that……

by callmejay

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The Voice

Sophy Marina

The Voice ~ There is a voice inside of you that whispers all day long, "I feel that this is right for me, I know that this is wrong.……

by Hinatasoph

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do you believe it?

Moh Sodik

LET'S Join to earn more money JUST UPLOAD 24 PHOTOS AND SHARE 10 PHOTOS ON IT EVERY DAY and you can promote your……

by moh-sodik

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Do More

Manny Dioayan

Do more than exist. Live.Do more than hear. Listen.Do more than agree. Cooperate.Do more than talk. Communicate.Do more than grow.……

by Andi05

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new life

Hanamichi Sakuragi

its has been a not so good year 2014 for me too many heartaches but of all the troubles there was god and inspite of the fact that……

by hanamichi-sakuragi

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Quote of Magic

Wu Ming Shi

Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

by 4xyz

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jutt boyz

Beautiful Definition of ‪‎TRUST‬ ''Giving Someone the Authorityto Destroy You Completely,But Having the ConfidencethatHe……

by jutt-boyz

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Believe in Yourself

Sky Lark

If you need to believe on anything you need to first believe on yourself. Believe is the issue that only comes to from your heart……

by sky-lark

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Disappointment is a sin


''Disappointment Is Sin'' According to Islam is a sin to be disappointed.Everything just happaned for a reason and being as a muslim……

by jenefir

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The believe is the stronger feeling, if you believe in some thing that gives you an extra energy to handle the thing, if you do something……

by Bittlanders

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Believe in Yourself

Doods Relator

100. A man can be as great as he wants to be. If you believe in yourself and have the courage, the determination, the dedication,……

by Doodsdpogi

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Pietro Scala

In the world there are many injustices that to look good, you might think it's a wicked world. But then, when you are faced with situations……

by pietro-scala

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Trust the main thing which come first to believe or being in relation with all. Trust the most important part of human’s lives.……

by shonimano

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Today I am writing on the creator of this world the one and only Allah. Allah has created this world, animals, tree, humans and the……

by shonimano

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My Thoughts

Hassan Majeed

The most lonely person is the one who isn't strong enough to face what he did. I am writing this article just to tell my readers to……

by hassan-Majeed

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        now a day’s every country wants democracy in their country. This sentence may be arises a question……

by Janifer

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Life is beautiful


Life is very beautiful but there is a large number of people who are actually possible.As it has just a covering of beauty, attraction……

by zubair457

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Sharafat Sheikh

UNCLE CHHAKKAN Whenever Uncle Chhakkan has something to do in his house, he involves members of his family in a unique way. In trying……

by sharafat-sheikh

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what is ignorance


What is ignorance? Most of the Muslims believe that the first enemy of them its Satan. And all miseries which occur with them these……

by parnian175

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  Hypocrisy, absence an backbit is one of the satanic qualify and habit that they are always try to find the violence and war……

by hekmatullah

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My Beloved

Fahima Kakar

His heart beat like a ticking clock room, but faster , maybe twice or three times in a second , his hands full of fire was hot like……

by fahima-kakar

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Tariq Awan

We are the results of our thoughts and actions, if we think positively, if we are successful in our mind, we are successful in this……

by tariq-awan

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خاطرات جنگ


  خاطرات جنگ در فراه از زبان یک دوست امروز به یاد جمعه ی افتادم که درمیان……

by alimahboob

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Mighty China!

Sweet Asia TV

I can’t stop thinking about Asia and its measure. The biggest continent with so many different nationalities, religions, and……

by SweetAsiaTV

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Farzaneh Popal

What is Hope? Hope is a believe which things that happen in the future will have a positive outcome. It is a feeling in which a person……

by setayesh2

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