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imran khan

Hassan Umar

Imran Khan Niazi (born 5 October 1952) better known as Imran Khan is a Pakistani politician, former cricketer, philanthropist, cricket……

by hassan-umar-297

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"Les Boys"

Ori Gigi

Les boys do cabaret Les boys are glad to be gay They're not afraid now Disco bar in germany Les boys are glad to be Upon parade now……

by ori-gigi

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Film annex

sahil khan

 Film annex         Today I am writing on film annex . It is a huge platform to show our talent .  Through……

by sahil-khan

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Beauty salon!!!!!


Nowadays we see boy and girls both are doing a lot of fashion too be connected with our daily lives. In past the boys or gents don’t……

by shonimano

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Sports and Games


Sports and games are very important part of everybody life the games is essential for the health. Sports and games very popular in……

by zubair457

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Sons of Technology


Gone are the days when children used to play in streets, parks and playgrounds. Now parks are empty and children have gone into confinement……

by Sad_Eyes

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In the past religious faith used to be a great prop to human beings in times of distress or misfortune. The belief that whatever God……


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My Village Pharhala

Arsal Khan

My name is Muhammad Arsalan I live in a little village name Pharhala. Pharhala is a very beautiful village distance of two miles from……

by arsal-khan

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Human Rights

noorzia osmany

Until a few years ago,only boys could become students at the university of Jami. then the university decided to Allow girls in, but……

by noorzia

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Fashion in Kabul

Lemah Hamed

Kabul, Afghan capital is the heart of fashion. Fashion stores and streets are full of stylish girls and boys. Gulbahar Center is one……

by LemahHamed

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How to be a Film Maker


Tens of Afghan boys and girls graduate from the Journalism faculties of Afghan Universities every year. Among these, there are some……

by sussan

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Fashion Marketing


Afghan people wear different clothing styles. For example, their national clothing is “Pirahan Tunban”. They wear Afghan……

by sussan

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