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Hot Dog Bush - money target $150
Kawaii Toons: Simply the Beast
America Leading the World
A More Perfect Union
Forging a New Future for America
South Carolina Victory Speech
World Leaders - Charades
World Leaders - Silent Night
World Leaders 3
World Leaders 2
World Leaders 1

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Saddam Hussein


Saddam Hussein was president of Iraq for more than two decades and is seen as a figurehead of the country's military conflicts with……

by zubairzubi

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President Obama

Hassan Umar

President Obama Met With Young Muslim Refugees And It Was Absolutely Heartwarming They represent "the opposite of terror," he said.……

by hassan-umar-297

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The New World Order


The New World Order often referred to as a conspiracy theory is a great concern for every human being on the planet Earth. According……

by SalmaAnnex

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Mohammed Hussein

As we know that every language in the world has its own idioms. So to understand those idioms, we can't translate it literally, we……

by mohd227

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