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Recycling Waste To Generate Electricity…

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Naeem Khan

Forest means the area covered by the trees. There should be forest on about 25% of land of any country. Which plays an important role……

by naeem-khan-6473

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Muhammad Bilal

Metals and AlloysMetal: Class of elements existing as oxide, carbonate, sulphide and phosphate compounds in natural rocks called ores.Ferrous……

by muhammad-bilal-310

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The History Of Oil

sara nikzad

Oil began to from millions of years ago.This process started with the tiny plants and animals that lived in the earth's oceans. When……

by saranikzad

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Coal is a blackish, complex mixture of compounds of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. It also consist small amounts of nitrogen and sulphur……

by abraizsarwar

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Man Made Fibers



by mustaqeem

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Salty candies

Hope Devote

Salty candies   Hello, everyone. Sometimes each of us wants to mix up two completely different ingredients (like sugar and salt).……

by sky-ish

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