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Charlie Chaplin in Gentleman of Nerve…
Charlie Chaplin in The Property Man
Cruel, Cruel Love - Charlie Chaplin
His Favourite Pastime - Charlie Chaplin…
The Eve
The Gold Rush - Charles Chaplin
Charlie Chaplin - The Circus
Chaplin's The Kid by Sem and Alex
CHARLIE CHAPLIN short movies
Twenty Minutes of Love
The Rink
The Immigrant
In The Park
Dough and Dynamite
Tillie's Punctured Romance
Mabel's Busy Day
By the Sea
A Night in the Show
Between Showers
A Day's Pleasure
The Rival Mashers
Kid Auto Races at Venice
A Night Out
The Adventurer
The Cure
Easy Street
Pay Day
The Idle Class
The Pilgrim
Shoulder Arms
Behind the Screen
The Fireman
The Vagabond
The Count
The Kid
The Rounders
The Good for Nothing
The Masquerader
Face on the Barroom Floor
Laughing Gas
Charlot et le Mannequin (Mabel's Married…
A Woman

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FILMS / SHOWS (Margaret Skowronska)

What is Documentary about? In this blog I am not going to discuss the life of Charlie Chaplin or Michel Jackson. It would be easily……

by danny-rollins

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PLOT 5: Comedy

Alex Nakone

Booker spends two chapters on the comedy plot quoting numerous classical comedies but argues it’s a type of story derived from……

by AlexNakone

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