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40° Alpe of Nevegal 2014 Alessandro…
Wall Climbing Challenge Winner
Hill Climb Racing - successfully clear…
44ª Verzegnis-Sella Chianzutan 2013…
Climb Verzegnis Spring 2011
Replacing The Sydney Harbour Bridge

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troica de clicks postmnoney

hulk star

troca de clicks postmoney  11-  12- ……

by hulk-star

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That Moment

Kate Saldana

That Moment It hurts to think of that momentThat moment when everything became a blurA sickening dream yet it was a realityThat moment……

by kate-saldana

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It's the climb !!!

N-Ab Iha

I can almost see it.That dream I'm dreaming, butThere's a voice inside my head sayingYou'll never reach itEvery step I'm takin'Every……

by n-ab-iha

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