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billy pogi

What is ripple?  - Ripple is a real time gross settlement system, currency exchange and remmitance created by Ripple Company-It……

by kaphokz

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Bitcoin seems to be widely accepted now that even some nations financial institutions are being to accept it as a domestic exchange……

by genpius

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Aleksei Manyahin

INNOVATIONS IN YOUR LIFESimple and reliable solutions. Guaranteed of the profit earning 4%/day and innovative approach to management……

by legion777

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Im in canada by a big lake and im here for coin. im also into other crypto currencies, especially ethereum, and decentralization in……

by LakeCity

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If you are missing out on the new craze all the cryptoids are talking about is the "Ethereum IPO" here is the breakdown Ratata!! August……

by Kushane

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Grow you Coins

Tshepo Moloi

Grow you coins every hour. Sign up for a free account,invest and see your coins grow. Invite your friends and earn more. sign up here Grow……

by tshepomoloi

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Is Bitcoin Stalling?


Bitcoin would possibly sometime become a currency that individuals normally use to shop for retail merchandise and services,……

by dhelia

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