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Dol gorn-9043

Birth and wedding are the two important events in the life of person. Both are happy and joyful occasions. Marriage is an important……

by modified87

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  Jewellery or jewels is a ornament in various sizes worn to make you personnaly look & feel good. Items such as brooches,……

by zubair457

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Study and Games

Arsal Khan

Games play very important role to keep us healthy and fit, other than fresh food and pure water. They give us physically fitness and……

by arsal-khan

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Bilingual Education

Aly Elsom

Effects of Bilingual Education on American Schooling Many American schools are lacking important programs that can improve their students’……

by aly-elsom

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Women in Afghanistan

Farzaneh Popal

Women are symbol of tenderness, kindness, elegance, and decency in every society, despite of exorbitance problems which they are in……

by setayesh2

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