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Mr.Ayub Khan

Muhammad Atif Yousafxai

Ayub Khan started his career as an army officer in the British Army and served on many fronts. On the eve of partition, he chose to……

by AtiKhan

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Labor in Economics


Labor in Economics: Definition, Meaning and Factors affecting Supply of LaborOn November 19, 2015 By PrakashCategory: EconomicsLabor……

by qais201

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Heal the World

IT specialist

Heal The World     There's A Place InYour HeartAnd I Know That It Is LoveAnd This Place CouldBe MuchBrighter Than TomorrowAnd……

by IT-specialist

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Dignity of Labour


Stigma attached to manual. There should be no labour. There is no shame in it. All work in noble and sacred for there is dignity in……

by Muhammad989

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Anger is a violent, unconsollable emotion. It is a reaction to a feeling of displeasure. It is a natural emotion caused by something……

by RoshanSitara

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Dignity and Pride

Waleed Iqbal

Holy Quran States "God made man the most honourable and dignified of all his creation". Another verse of Holy Quran says that "Verily……

by Maani-Annex

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The most beautiful relation we have is the relation of our parents. Without them we are nothing .they give us an identity by giving……

by Janifer

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