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Gradient Effect in Photoshop part 2
how to black and white an image in…
Does The Moon Make Us Crazy? (FiST…

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Saba Doll


by saba-doll

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Samsung LED HD

Muhammad Fareed

  FEATURES: Enhanced picture quality with deeper black and clearer motion Discover a new reality in Full HD TV with a touch of……

by muhammad-fareed

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Lightning Effect

Muhammad Sohail

Lightning will do harm to buildings, cars or different objects once it hits. It also can kill or injure mortals. throughout a electric……

by Bit-Free

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Instant Karma!


Ever thought about a time when you are trying to impress some one, or maybe you are possibly trying to be annoying, and at that instance,……

by Haider45

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knowledge or money?


Knowledge is the best phenomenon in our life .it can be rescue the mankinda from misery. Knowledge is essential for both men and women.……

by hasty

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