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Egg Factory Omega 3

Suadnyana Nyoman

Every chickens lay eggs, the eggs were immediately transported by conveyor running engine is a modern machine. By using this machine……

by Bagas12

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Cold weather

Abid Khan

In cold weather, use hot things hot things that are more important to protect them from the cold can. In cold weather, the food should……

by abid-khan

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It 's a coconut

Tran Huy

  Mike was not well. He was tired all the time, and his head often hurt. 'Go to the doctor', his wife said. Mike did not like……

by tran-huy-5194

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Egg roll

Moumita Samanta

Egg roll Egg roll is one of the most popular street food in Bengal.  I have made this roll with plain paratha. This is a……

by sweetmou

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Ang tinapay

Ed Bien

Kinalakihan na atin na my tinapay sa ating hapag kainan. di na bago sa atin na ang agahan natin ay tinapay. Kahit anong ipalaman mo……

by ed-bien

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Eggs and Cheese

Rimsha Patel

Today I decided to make myself eggs with cheese over them for breakfast and I really liked it.It was really delicious, especially……

by rimsha-patel

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Jez Ow

For Egg Lovers :) You may want to try this Egg recipe. :) this is one of the recipe in the e-book that i have. :) just thought of……

by jez-ow

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Dinner Viet

Lien Nguyen

Meat: Materials: Meat , eggs, onion,spices Vegetables Materials:garlic,pinkle,ginger, oil Soup Materials:potato,carrot,cilantro ,scallion,spices……

by xBen

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Eating Eggs


egg contain all the nutrient which a normel human body needs eating egg in any season is the best but it too much tasty in the winter……

by abidfazal

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Coconut Macoroons

Benish Khan

Ingredients                                                                                                                                                                       ……

by benish-khan

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Poached Eggs


Serves 4 These super-easy eggs can be served for a high-protein breakfast. 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon white veniger 4 eggs In a medium……


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Makes 12 tuiles (4 servings) The chewy, delicate nature of the tuiles is the perfect accompaniment to sorbets and ices. Just bear……


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ANIMALS (Blogger: Happy Snail)

Butterflies Butterflies are of the order of Lepidoptera and are mainly day-flying insects. Butterflies have four life stages: egg,……

by steve-wooder

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I think we can all agree that the Easter holiday is a pretty big deal and the unique traditions we all have in celebration of……

by mona-mee

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