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BSR SUPER SLIDE - The Royal Flush in…
How you can watch bitlanders video…
Mango trees part 3
Mango trees part 2
Motorcycle Race
commando 3
Bouncing Ball Level 5
Truck Games level 4
Plant Vs zombies level 4
Plant Vs Zombies
Tic Tac Toe
Candy Crush Level 6 and 7
Candy Crush
Sweet cakes for sweet children
fight part 3
fight part 2
control car speed
Max payne mission : a baseball bat
Depeche Mode Cover - Enjoy The Silence…

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POEM (part 1)


LIFE Life is a long journey to travel,, Problems are only little pebbles..! don't lose hope and don't fear,, life is made to enjoy……

by Poison_Whisperer

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Hey guys


Hey guys!!! Sport boy here.... See you all here......  Want to introduce myself.... I'm Sport Boy.... Nothing more... Just for……

by Sport-Boy

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The Croods

Mubashir Ali

(Source=) Film the  was directed by Kirk DeMicco & Chris Sanders.  The movie Croods is the production……

by MubashirNNN

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For Android users!

Meme Holand

TESTED! I'm going to share the way how to earn instant bitcoin to your XAPO wallet. These apps not available in playstore market you……

by meme-holand

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Party Hard or Go Home:

Ori Gigi

Party Hard or Go Home: Top Party Destinations in Croatia Croatia has quickly become one of the most popular summer holiday destinations……

by ori-gigi

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Why so serious


Why so serious all of you ??? Why so pain ..?? Let it go friends .. Enjoy as much as possible ... Life is very limited ... :D :D   ……

by Axelay

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play games

Shams Malik

Affiliates Make $82 In Average Per Customer Referred. Hack Into A New Huge Over 15 Million Player Niche! First Fifa Ultimate Team……

by shams-malik

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A time talk.

Amjad Jan

When You fall in Love with someone, Don’t think just start enjoying it.Because after some time.You will not be in position to……

by Amjad121

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Fantastic Friday.

Zahid Ahmed

What a lovely day it is today,yes it is nearly the weekend.The weather is not very good as it is dull and cold and will rain later.I……

by zahid-ahmed

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happy sunday to u

Madhvi Saxena

, Sunday is generally a rest day and in most Christian Religions in the country, this seventh day of the week, is also a worship time……

by madhvi-saxena

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Excited Much

Riza Asuncion-Gomez

Last Wednesday, kakagaling lang ng batang yan sa sakit. Salamat talaga at gumaling na dahil kahit ako nag-aalala kung makakasali ba……

by riza-gomez

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Gift of God

Madhvi Saxena

A life is gift of God...But this is gift with many conditionsSome are good, Some are okay.Remain are worstFace themFight themFeel……

by madhvi-saxena

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National Parks

Muhammad Sohail

Governments produce national parks to save lots of and defend nature, animals and plants in places that area unit particularly stunning.……

by Bit-Free

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Mazhar Hussain

The summer season is followed by the rainy season. During the rains the air becomes cool and pleasant. The oppressive heat disappears,……

by mazhar-hussain-9091

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Video Poetry


  This is my first attempt to make a video. It is also live on YouTube. I hope some of you have enjoyed it. The poem was taken……

by makemyday

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What is Life ?

Loonely Angel

“When you will tease me i will create problems for you “ “When you will not give me importance I will destroy your……

by Villain

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Wonders of Science


Man and science are now old partners. They have shared pain and pleasure. Science sometimes seems a sweat companion and sometime a……

by mustaqeem

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Health is a wealth


Health is a wealth is an old saying health is the blessing of god. Everybody wants a better health but without exercise it is impossible……

by zubair457

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sport and health


In the name of Allah Sport and health It is clear that everyone likes to enjoy good health and stay healthy but    ……

by yarsadaf

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what is fortune?


It is the question which occurs in every body's mind, but few might have realized its real meaning. We may think if we have economic……

by parnian175

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Points to Ponder

waqas sheikh

Do you know what happens when the little pleasures of life are denied? They should get chocked and the heart sinks down. All are pleasures……

by waqas-sheikh

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The evolution of music is what makes the world go around. If music ceased to exist, the overall happiness of people would most definitely……

by IvanK

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