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27 // a journey through architecture…
27m2 Trailer
New Shoes: Today's clowns in Europe
Just to Get a Rep

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Come Visit Lisbon


Have you ever thought about visiting Portugal? Have you have heard about our capital city - Lisbon? Lisbon has been considered one……

by Fufurinha

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Bala Murugan

France, in Western Europe, encompasses medieval and port cities, tranquil villages, mountains and Mediterranean beaches. Paris, its……

by bala-murugan

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Jerusalem is a city scared to Jews, Christians and Muslims. The Muslims captured the city in days of Hazrat Umar, but the Arabs usually……

by umairfilmannex

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Vahan Hovhannisyan

Ukraine what is hapening there and why ?Some of us know about events in Ukraine but any dont know and only know that somthing is happened……

by PhoTOS

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The Suez Canal


In 1869 AD, a French company constructed a canal through the northern part of Egypt with the help of Egyptian government. It is called……

by umairfilmannex

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The Hunger Game


Today in am writing about the famines occur in different region of the world. Famine means deficiency of foodstuff. Famines may also……

by abraizsarwar

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Study in Italy

masood khan

Most of the writers on Film Annex forum are students. That’s why it becomes my duty to inform all of my friends about all the……

by masood-khan

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      In the evening of winter, if there is a book of taste in one hand and with it, a hot cup of coffee, then……

by zainbabu

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Business case no.5

Mohammed Hussein

Summary: Infant milk formula is the most useful and popular product in USA and Europe and it became a powder to be mixed in a specific……

by mohd227

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Mohamed Mostafa

AL-AHLY SC refers to AL-AHLY Sporting Club which means the best team in Egypt and in all Africa . AL-AHLY was founded in april 1907……

by mohamed-mostafa

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waqas sheikh

Long since, women have been struggling hard for their rights. Many movements have been organized for this task as feminism. There……

by waqas-sheikh

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Aafia Hira

After the darkness of middle ages, the renaissance was the rebirth of human desire to know more and explore the world. It was a movement……

by Aafia-Hira

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Europe premier league

Esteqlal FC

  Matches have been started for premier league in Europe last month in which participated the top teams of Europe these matches……

by Esteqlal

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Women in Afghan History


In 1927-1928 Amanullah and his wife Soraya visited Europe. On this trip they were honored and feted. In fact, in 1928 the King and……

by naahed

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HOW TO'S (Margaret Skowronska)

My first post on Film Annex I am going to dedicate to canoeing.   It is summer time, and most of us still wonder how to spend……

by stella-downer

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Salty candies

Hope Devote

Salty candies   Hello, everyone. Sometimes each of us wants to mix up two completely different ingredients (like sugar and salt).……

by sky-ish

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:) VS. ^_^

Sweet Asia TV

Hey, guys! Let me introduce you my lovely WEB TV.! Being born in Europe, I'm fond of Asian culture and its traditions.……

by SweetAsiaTV

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