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Ray Anthony Mina

The Jewels That Mountains Wear Image source:   How much ice did you ever see in one place? An ice tray full?……

by rex_sensei

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fareeha khan

Floods come every year and damage properties and lives. They bring horrible diseases and death. Standing crops are ruined. Green fields……

by fareeha-khan

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Aswan High Dam


Egypt is called the gift of Nile. Because the entire country depends upon the Nile river for food, fish, wealth and prosperity. The……

by umairfilmannex

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abdul majeed

 Floods When heavy rain fall, or when the snow on the hills begins to melt with the summer’s heats, river get swollen.……

by abdul-majeed-4499

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Reigning in water

Joe Zachariah

(first of all pause the above movies if they are disturbing you while reading this) A global phenomenon that is observed  (especially……

by JoeZachariah

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