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Mango trees
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The cherry is a fruit of genus. Cherry is a fruit of many plants that are usually obtained from cultivars of a limited number……

by Aliaaa

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I like mango! There are dozens of mango kinds in place where I live- sour, sweet, extra sweet, green, yellow and pink! Each time when……

by Leelachihiro

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Heather Alba

Health Smart Diabetes Awareness If you are diagnosed with a  type of two diabetes your doctor will almost certainly tell you……

by heatheralba

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Green Apple Benefits

Zain Bin Khalid

As the saying goes “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, and it certainly holds true even for green apples! Apples are……

by Zain6233

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amad khan

Summer has arrived and with summer The King of fruits “Mango” start arriving in the markets. Delicious and wonderful taste……

by amad-khan555

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Marang Fruit

Melkie Suzette Sunico

Have you tried eating Marang?Its sweet taste will surely capture your taste buds. The Marang fruit is round and oblong-shaped with……

by shy_melkie

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Melkie Suzette Sunico

Mangga Balat na kulay dilaw,Berde kapag hilaw.Ano man ang 'yong piliin,Napakasarap kainin.  Puso ang kanyang hugis,Balat ay napaka-kinis.Siguradong……

by shy_melkie

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Melkie Suzette Sunico

DURIAN Sa isang bayan sa Mindanao ay may matandang babae na lalong kilala sa tawag na Tandang During. Nakatira siya sa paanan ng bundok.……

by shy_melkie

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Juice & Kids

Muhammad Irfan

Juicing fruits and veggies holds great promise in improving the quality of our children’s diets. It’s innovative,……

by irfan-fan-6817

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Forest is the places where there are many trees plants flowers and wild animals and birds live. The forest is very important for earth.……

by Darkprince540

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Trikun Anakembahrebo

Guava is exceptionally useful for the individuals who need to shed pounds without trading off their admission of proteins, vitamins……

by trikun-anakembahrebo

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The world is based upon water.water is like a solvent every thing can be dissolved in it if we see our world in which we live there……

by abidfazal

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Happy Nowruz!


Nowruz means a new day, it is the first day of Hamal (Hegira month) which is the starting celebration of New Year and it is the one……

by mohmmadelyas

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Chunky Watermelon Sorbet


Serves 4 Most guests assume that this treat is a high calorie indulgence. But with fresh fruit, evaporated cane juice, and no fat,……


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Nilam Nilie

Herat: Herat city is an ancient and old city heart is located in the north west of our grand country Afghanistan. And has  border  ……

by NilamNilie

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Our house

faridoon barekzai

Our house is bright and shiny that is air blowing clear and fresh on our house. We live in Herat city with our parent’s, sisters,……

by faridoonbarekzai

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Food in Afghanistan


Afghan food is tasteful fusion of the regions that neighbor Afghanistan. Major ethnic groups are Pashtuns, Tajiks and Uzbeks. Modern……

by ferriba

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